Classes & Special Worshops

Classes and Special Workshops

No need to bring a partner.  We warmly welcome complete beginners as well as more advanced students!

Antonio Riva carefully curates our course structure so that you can rapidly improve your dancing.

NB; All Classes include FREE entry to Milonga from 8pm-11pm in the Main room. 

All our classes (and milonga) take place on Wednesday evenings at Tito’s, 4-6 London Bridge Street (London, SE1 9SG).

We have two rooms.


Upper Room:

7pm – 8pm: Beginners Level class
Drop-in: £10
8 Week Course: £52, Saving 35%

8pm – 9pm: Improvers Level class
Drop-in: £10
8 Week Course: £60, Saving 25%

Main Room:

7pm – 8pm: Intermediate Level class
Drop-in: £10
8 Week Course: £60, Saving 25%

8pm – 11pm: Milonga (social dancing)
Drop-in: £6, or free if attending classes (i.e. included in the price for the class/course).


Additional Options

Do two Drop-In Classes for £15, Saving 25%
Book Two Courses for £90, Saving 40% compared to individual Drop-in price

Course Dates for 2017

4th January – 22nd February
1st March – 19th April (26th April, Special Workshop)
3rd May – 21st June (28th June, Special Workshop)
5th July – 23rd August (30th August, Special Workshop)
6th September – 25th October
1st November – 20th December (27th December, closed)

Underlined dates include a completely FREE beginners taster class, 6.45pm to 8pm.

Special Workshops

Wednesday 26th April 2017: Special 90-minute workshop on Milonga” / *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday 28th June 2017: Special 90-minute workshop on Vals” with David and Ann / *SOLD OUT*

Wednesday 30th August 2017: Special 90-minute workshop on Canyengue – Tango before Tango” with Antonio and Katherine – THIS WORKSHOP IS UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE, A CHANCE NOT TO BE MISSED \ Ticket pre-sale opens soon.


Our Special Workshops are only £12 for a full 90-minutes class, 6:45pm till 8:15pm.  Reserved spaces are limited to 30 couples (or 60 dancers) only. All workshops are open-level, and therefore suitable for all dancers. Social dancing after the class, as always, is included in the price until 11pm.


We are pleased to announce that we now accept card payments at the door! Cash payments still welcome too!

If you have any questions, please contact us here


(psst, you’ll also be able to make payment directly on this website soon too!)